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This session is going to be very important because I’m going to be discussing about some foods that help you get good sleep or sound sleep or tight sleep because most people have been having difficulty in falling sleep or difficulty in staying sleep because they would say you know. I got so much stress in my job or in my life and my family, so they said that they blame it on the stress, so before we get this article started.

  1. Nuts and seeds
    It’s like elements or it comes under nuts category, element contains a lot of vitamins minerals and micro-nutrients. It contains a 37% of phosphorus and sounding parts of manganese and potassium when you take this nuts in a long-term you know. You have these vitamins and micro-nutrients in your body in a greater mode, so that eventually indirectly it reduces a stress when the stress hormones are low in your body. You will be alleviating all these extra diseases like high cholesterol or diabetes or high blood pressure.
  2. Walnuts
    Walnuts do contain the micro-nutrients or vitamins that I told for elements like phosphorus manganese and the potassium. In addition to that it contains a magnesium and folate as well. Walnuts are rich in a healthy fat like linoleic acid. These fatty acids are good for your heart health. Your heart is health when we say for example we have a high cholesterol in our body. These high cholesterol deposits into your blood vessels. If this is your blood vessel, this cholesterol deposits around the blood vessel wall and eventually causes a reduction in the lumen, so when the lumen is very small the blood flow will be less. When the blood flow is less the functions of each and every organ, we’ll be reduced, so you want to reduce the accumulation of fatty acids around the blood vessel wall. Thus further you need to have some foods that reduces this a bad Cola stores and we have these almonds and the walnuts. They do this job and improve your heart health.
  3. Chamomile Tea
    We have is a chamomile tea. Chamomile tea contains them an anti-critical aliening and another and text color flavonoids. In addition to antioxidants in this container folate and phosphorus magnesium when I say this antioxidant and the actions are very essential for scavenging toxic radicals or free radicals. This free radical is toxic substances when these toxic substances accumulates in your body. They are going to cause damage to your blood vessels. All your organs like heart kidneys brain, so these anti X is a very essential.
  4. Kiwi Fruits
    Kiwi fruit is so essential. You mean since this is a low calorie fruit. It gives you only 50 calories if you take a medium now sites at kiwi fruit. It gives you 50 calories in addition to these a low calorie fruit. It is packed with them folate magnesium phosphorus and it gives you 117 percent of vitamin C of your daily needs and 87 percent of vitamin A. Kiwi fruits, papaya also comes under this category, but TB is a low calorie fruit. When I said this aliening and this antioxidants or free radical scavengers, so that it promotes your hormone called melatonin that increases your quality of sleep.
  5. Tart cherry juice
    It contains a 40% of vitamin A and a 37% of vitamin C. Anthocyanin’s and flavonoids are the antioxidants that are rich. In that cherry juice, so try to drink this tart cherry juice if you come across and to help your know quality of sleep because sleep is very essential guys, so when you sleep the hormones are produced during the slip and to keep your body function intact.
  6. A Passionflower Tea
    It’s again it contains an antioxidant called flavonoid. This promotes you a melatonin hormone to keep your sleep in tap.
  7. White rice and Brown rice
    What are the difference between white rice and brown rice, white rice is a high glycemic index food. Brown rice is not white rice. It does not have their outer layer called bran and germ intact. They are removed in this white rice since they are not intact. This is a bran and germ are not there in white. Rice white as an order is so soft minerals vitamins, but brown rice on the other hand it contains this outer layer bran and germ intact. It gives you all white amines minerals and micronutrients even trace elements as well. Any food that is rich in high glycemic index. Any food that you eat high glycemic index means you are eating some fruit or food as soon as you eat that Froude your blood level because goes up. Then it’s called a high glycemic index, so when any fruit or any food items that you eat. Those are rich in high glycemic index are would make you fall asleep. That’s why most people when they eat our rice like two plates or three pairs of arias. They immediately get food coma. They just want to go sleep or they want to crash right away.
  8. Non-Vegetarian Food
    It’s for nun which lovers of course fatty fish. What are these fatty fishes? Fatty fishes are Lucerne ones and mackerel tuna herring fish, sand and fish. This fish is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 fatty acids like EPA and DHA. They are also rich in vitamin D when you have these a fatty fish into your system in an adequate amount. You don’t have to binge on these fatty fish, but take this is a fatty fish into your diet. You know a reasonable amount, so that vitamin D and the more important fatty acids in your body will go up to keep yourself functions intact or even much better.
  9. Turkey
    Turkey is a nutritious and delicious. Many people in Western countries do love Turkey, especially Thanksgiving Day. They’ll out Ark either they have these are full turkey. Then they sit with family and then they eat the turkey meat. This turkey contains an amino acid called tryptophan. This in turn this amino has the tryptophan in turn into helps promoting a normal hormone like a melatonin and serotonin. Those are essential for sleep. These hormones are related with the sleep quality and have given you some like fruits.
    A list of fruit like right from almonds to some natural herbal tea and eventually I ended up with turkey and fatty fish. These foods are very essential, so that I know you can now include these foods into your list if you are having some sleeping problem like a difficulty in staying or difficulty falling sleep, so keep these fruits or foods in your mind, so that you can include them into your daily diet. Alright guys I hope you like this article and see you in our next articles.

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